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Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister is a strategy RPG where positioning, movement, and weaponry are paramount to success. Move your heavily armed units around a classically styled grid-based map and engage pirates, rebels, monsters, imperial soldiers, and anyone else that stands in your way.

While Vestaria Saga I chronicled the battles that ensued in the Solvian-Meledian War, Vestaria Saga II focuses on the further adventures of Zade, the hero from VSI, bringing the tales of him and his companions to a thrilling, satisfying end. Across his epic quest, Zade will encounter allies both new and old while also uncovering more of the mysteries behind the vile Margulites and their plan to plunge Vestaria into a new age of darkness.

This version of the game will be enhanced to include the following new features:

New music

Resolution upgrade (now 1280 x 720)

New bonuses for completing the entire game

Battle results added to the end of every map

The ability to save every turn, as well as an auto-save function

Updating the game to the latest version of SRPG Studio (as of Dec 2021)

A new single, rebalanced difficulty, including new items, stat buffs, skills and more

+ New classes, gear, and skills to utilize across a wider variety of maps compared to its predecessor

+ A slew of quality of life improvements have been made to the classic VS system

+ Varying story paths and endings based on your choices and who survives to the end

+ Over 30 unique characters to recruit with a wide variety of classes, weapons, and skills

+ Intricate maps filled with a variety of enemies and strategic puzzles to overcome

+ Two finely tuned difficulty modes to accommodate both strategy veterans and newcomers

+ The ability to save every 5 turns so that you can quickly undo any mistakes you've made during a battle

+ A full English script translated from the original Japanese by a veteran translator